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Colorized Scan Placements

Overview of Scans

(Blue dots are scan locations)

Rear Colorized Scan

Front Colorized Scan

SRM Mechanical Design, Inc., can provide the following Laser Scanning services:

 Building (Interior/Exterior)

 Plant (Interior/Exterior)

 Ship (Interior/Exterior)


Uses and Advantages:

 As-Builts (for verification, documentation, and/or existing conditions)

 Construction Progress

 Planning and Design

 Retrofit, Renovation, Interior Build-out Jobs (e.g. Historical Buildings, CEP Plants)

 For use in BIM Models

 Capture complex geometries and structures within a short period of time

 Determine tie-in points and centerlines for existing or new building and MEP components

 Eliminate rework, wasted raw materials, improper installations, and tolerance stackup issues by quickly identifying defects or failures on-site



 Registered Point Cloud(s)



 Other formats available

 2D drawings (plan views/ elevation views)

 3D Models and Visualizations


Floor Plan

Chiller Colorized Scan

CEP Piping Colorized Scan

Chilled Water Pump Colorized Scan

Condenser Water Pump Colorized Scan

Chiller Plan-View Layout

Chiller Correspondence View

Picture of Laser


Chiller Piping

Rooftop Equipment

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